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Gmail & Google Calendar Integration is Here

Ryan, accused of photoshopping the event form fields when he posted the Gmail screenshot at Cybernet on Saturday, later commented:

Yes, [Gmail officials] said that they will be rolling out the feature which I didn’t initially realize because everyone I talked to already had it.

At the time, I didn’t have this feature…but I do now. Gmail and Google Calendar integration is here…for the rest of us.

And it looks like this: Add Event Info Icon in Gmail

This is not a hoax, it's Gmail - Calendar integration.

Google Calendar Round-Up

A view of my Google CalendarThere has been a lot of buzz in the blogosphere since Google Calendar (beta, of course!) launched last Thursday night. There are already development articles such as how to integrate Google Calendar in Your Website Using AJAX and ruminations on how this fits into Google’s big plan. Here’s my summary of what’s important for the average user – e.g. you’re not a programmer, security-paranoid or an internet noob, you’re just interested in using the dang thing. Here’s the skinny:

The Good

  • Web Based. If you already use a web-based RSS Feed Reader, Journal and/or Email client, you know well why this is an advantage. It’s always there, always available, so long as you have an accessible internet connection.
  • Calendar Sharing. Your calendar can be totally public or not; if public, you can share all your info or just your free/busy status. If you don’t make it public, you can still share it with specific people like friend, family or collegues.]
  • Calendar Import. It’s easy to import Calendar info from common calendar apps such as iCal and Outlook.
  • Multiple Calendars. You can keep more than one, and you can ‘subscribe’ to publicly availbale calendars which can be searched for within the Google Calendar interfac such as Greek National and Orthodox holidays. A quick searchfor ‘Seattle’ provided me with Local Events, Seattle Mariners Schedule, ToST Lounge Music Calendar, Allstar Gym Schedule and many, many more.
  • Gmail Integration. If you use Gmail. And integration should become better soon, for now it’s rather dodgy.
  • Phone notifications. Self explanatory.

The Bad

  • Pop-up Problems. Make sure is listed in sites allowed to create pop-ups in your browser and your firewall and/or other internet security programs.
  • Doesn’t Work on Safari. Oops. I expect this will soon change.
  • UnSyncable. Nope, no PDA or Blackberry support as of yet. I wish there was some kind of utility you could download to make Outlook auto-publish a CSV to my Google Calendar as I have to use Outlook for work and that is not going to change. Fortunately “Google Calendar will be able to synchronize with Outlook and mobile devices [in the coming months]“, said Product Manager Carl Sjogreen (via CNet).
  • Searchability. It’s not terribly accessible, for a Google product…ways it could be greatly improved are summed up here.

The Tutorials