Polyfill Fixin’

When my coworker @gigabo bothers to talk, gold nuggets of dev best practices start dropping left and right. I try write them down quickly to look up later (I always try to RTFM so as to keep the well flowing). I realized I might as well log the fruit of my efforts here…

Today’s nugget:
In reference to the bug that causes default text served to an input to populate again if a user types too fast.

"Oh great, when we fix it, it will be reused by all of our apps – it’s a polyfill fix!"

I thought a polyfill was when you apply color to polygon. Is my front-end background obvious now?

Bo heard it from Paul Irish, the more commonly known gold-nugget dropping web dev.

No need to recreate the wheel, just read this: What is a polyfill?.

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