Track user copying activity with Tracer

Tracer is a new tracking tool to see what people are copying on your website.

Tracer is a new tracking tool to see what people are copying on your website.

Tracer by is a new analytic tool for websites. Like Google Analytics, you install a link to an external javascript on your site and then the service tracks what images and words your visitor’s copy.

Read a product intro and clear step-by-step setup instructions at Tracer is installed there, so I’m using the site to test the script as well. I pasted some copied text from his post into this blog post while in HTML direct edit mode and this is what I got:

Tracer is a script designed to let you track this copied content and also provide all kinds of usage statistics for it. Best of all it will add an automatic attribution link back to your post so that content you have created can result in traffic to you regardless of where it resides. And to top it all it promises to let you do all this for free. Definately a must have for all the content creators out there.

Read more: "Track what’s been copied from your blog | SidekickBlog" -

After pasting into a blank email in Outlook, a Gmail message, and a Word document, it’s clear that the script is adding the credit link to the copied item when it’s copied. Tracer will certainly fix the problem of an inadvertent failure to credit (due to laziness, lack of savvy, etc) but it will in no way prevent anyone intent on stealing your content from doing so.

The link adding is nice, but I’m hoping Tracer will really shine as I get real insight into what my sites’ visitors are copying. What do you think? Is Tracer worth its weight in script?

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