Don’t use Main Street Host for Web Hosting!

Someone just called me at work about “Main Street Host Dot Com”. Now, whether that’s or or, whatever. They telemarket, so they obviously can’t make money by offering good/fair service. Don’t use them. And as long as I’m on a rant about crappy web hosts, if you want to procrastinate whatever it is you’re doing and have a laugh read this account of Lunapages misguided insertion of link farms on their customers’ 404 pages. The comments become puerile and ranty. In fact, I haven’t seen such childish bantering since 1996 bbs flame wars.

2009.03.09 Update Since this rather random little post continues to get a lot of traffic and comments, I thought I’d offer some useful links on SEO [via Lifehacker 2009.02.28]

2009.10.26 Update I have noticed that a lot of the relatively few pro-MSH and most of the name-calling rude comments are coming directly from IP addresses. I try to occasionally post their IPs publicly when I find this. Note however, it’s very easy to use a proxy server to fake your IP address so any comments could be by MSH employees and I would not be able to trace it. I am not saying they have zero happy customers, but I would caution that based on simple statistics so far, to use a healthy dose of skepticism while reading the following comments.

2011.08.03 Update Officially closing comments on this post. Some other blog will have to carry the torch as a place for the continually disgruntled customers and near-customers of Main Street Host to kvetch.

If you are looking for a web host recommendation, check out my post What Web Host Should I Use?. Though written in 2006, I still use and recommend Dreamhost (for shared hosting). Good luck!

90 thoughts on “Don’t use Main Street Host for Web Hosting!”

  1. you are all ill informed for 20 dollars you don’t get seo you get an analysis and a consultation to show you were the problems are and were your not meeting with the criteria. theirs no optimization when we give you the info the ball is in your court you can do it your self or we will provide an accurate quote to perform the work its only a analysis

    [Editor’s note: matthew, aka,, posting from is an MSH employee.]

  2. Plain and simple, no one can get you to first page for a few hundred dollars. You can get up in the rankings yourself, but it is hard work and takes a lot of time and patience.

  3. I was contacted by Main Street Hosts and got a funny feeling right off the bat. The callers spoke/represented that they were a large global company yet it felt like a operation in someone’s basement with well trained cold callers. (They were respectable and nice people with me at all tImes.)

    I would not have a problem with any of that if there was a good product being given but right from the start the $9.00 website analysis I received was of no value to me whatsoever and I could be wrong but just seemed to just be a device for the second call where the person asked for me to use the service in different packages for alot more $ than $9.00.

    I ultimately could not get comfortable with the sound of the service or the company profile. The Main Street Hosts website has no profile of the principals of the company or any description of who they are and who the people behind the company are – and the customers in the references are all very small businesses who I would not have trusted to ask about their use of The Main Street Hosts services.

    And while I do not trust the BS bitter complainers and squeaky wheels who most usually post slander against othes on the internet, finding the complaints on the net about mainstreet added mass to concerns I had for myself – as everyone who posted had a similiar point of view.

    I am out $9.00. I will never really know if The Main Street Hosts was a legitimate service or not. They very well may be.

  4. I was just cold called by these jokers myself. Figured I would research first…

    Of coarse, researching did not even require me to finish what I was typing – Google auto-completed the “scam” part of my phrase. Talked to the dude for 15 minutes, asked him exactly how they market a site. He would not give me any details and kept stressing how urgent it was I “just buy the package” and everyhting will be explained later.

    Anyway, I have been doing a good deal of research myself on SEO and it honestly does not seem that hard. I am now offering it to my own clients ( although I do not client to be an expert.

    Do the research, learn the basics for yourself. It is not that hard!

    - Dean

  5. Wow…..all I can say is that this company is ou for the quick buck. They have no clue about SEO, customer service or follow ups to what they say they will do. They just take your money and leave you to think they are working “behind the scenes” for you. Unfortunately, I am knowledgeable about SEO and have done my own for quite some time, therefore, having the knowledge and knowing how to check their work is what absolutely baffled me. These guys are extremely basic and I actually had to tell them what to do on my site and how to correct their mistakes. They actually messed my site up to a point, where I had to take control and re-word all my meta tags, keywords and page headers. I basically undid what they did……what a waste of money. SCAM company.

  6. if you knew how to do the changes why did you pay someone to do them for you your an idiot joe vroman truly a idiot

  7. I was going to delete ‘matthew’s’ comment because name-calling doesn’t add anything useful. However, I thought it might be more interesting to note that even though the commenter used a yahoo email address the traffic comes from – wow. Slick.

  8. I went for their 9.95 offer – stupid me. They never got back to me – so I guess I am doing alright on my own. Lucky it only cost me 10.00 to find that out. I even went to their website to contact them and no response. The salesperson was Rhonda and the person who confirmed everything was Cheryl Simoney (sp?). And no-one answered the call when I tried to reach customer service -it just rang and rang and rang.

  9. Sadly I am victim of these people as well. They do not do what the promise. There is little if any communication and little documentation of what has been done. Tired of calling and emailing with no answers I filed a dispute with my credit card company. The accounting department called me and was mad that I filed the dispute, said I guess you don’t want to do business with us and was going to hang up. I asked don’t you even want to try to fix my problem? He passed me over to Stan who I had been trying to get to respond for weeks. He gave me a line about I was looking at the wrong reports, my reports must be broken and other excuses and wanted to pass me back to the accounting department. I said no, not until you adequately answer my questions. He promised to call back specifically after 12:30 that afternoon, that was Thurs, guess what no call yet and it’s Saturday at 2:00. I guess he really really wanted to fix my problem. I checked my credit card and they had billed me again for the disputed amount! After I hung up with him on Thurs when the final thing he said to me was that he didn’t know his exact phone number because they never told him what it was, I finally did a search on them on Google.
    Wish I had done this $2500 dollars earlier, a costly and painful lesson learned.
    Do not do business with this company, the do not perform and they do not communicate and they lie about calling you and sending reports.

  10. In response to Nina her website is ranking if very good positions. I did try to reach her back and her website has been getting unique visitors. Nina is confused by graphs that are meaningless in her tracking software that have nothing to do with search engine traffic which is up dramatically to her site.

    Schaumburg IL Property 1 1
    Schaumburg Illinois Realtors 11 11
    Bloomingdale IL Condos 13 13
    Schaumburg IL Condos 14 14
    Schaumburg Homes For Sale 14 16
    Realtors Schaumburg IL 16 16
    Itasca IL Real Estate Agents 16 16
    Schaumburg Condos For Sale 19 19

    Thats not bad for anyone that understands our industry in a short period of time. No one got scammed here.

  11. I have been using main street host for 6 years now. It all started with a cold call saying my website was low in the search engines. I did some research and they were right.

    At that time the promotion wa $49.95. They did a good job getting me better rankings ut it took a while. Once I gave them my trust and worked with them and did what the optimization department suggested I started seeing results.

    I know we live in a free country and have free speech but to slander someone because you thought $10 would get you on the top page of Google is ridiculous.

    Give the company a break and listen to whatthey have to say. If they were a fraud they would have been shut down. The rankings with the BBB is very good. They have thousands of customers. It seems like there area few disgruntled people that probily did not want to invest in their optimzation packages and are crying about 10 dollars.

  12. The fact that so many folks stumbled upon this page and used it to voice their bad experiences (many of which included losses of well of $1k, not $10) is what free speech is all about and why I value the internet, personally. Freedom of expression, democratization of publication ability. Any person considering doing business with a company is wise to both do a bit of Googling and to consider that any company will have one or two disgruntled customers (no matter how great they are) and will have one or two satisfied customers (no matter how bad they are). What I look for is trends and warning signs of a lot of similar unhappy feedback.

    Bottom line: if you are considering hiring a company for SEO, try to find a positive referral from someone you know in real life who has had a good experience. Reach out to your network – also, if you are considering spending what is a lot of money (to you), consider reading a book on SEO first, there are many. It will at least help you to evaluate potential consultants. Once you get the fundamentals I think you will find in most cases that no one can do SEO better for you than YOU without potentially spending a lot of $$ on how your site is built, marketed and strategic content creation.

  13. It is my opinion Main Street Host is a scam. They charged me $1300.00 to optimize my web site, half down and half in 6 months. Only thing is they optimized 3 out of 15 pages and they charged my credit card for the remaining $650 even though they didn’t do the work. They then have the audacity to tell their employees I have poor credit. Oddly enough, even though they have employees who sign a non-compete agreement with them, the same employees still try and do the work under the table. Go figure. First you get screwed by Main Street Host and then you get screwed by their staff.

    I filed a complaint with the BBB and after doing research, I find they are nothing but smoke and mirrors. They assure you they will optimize your web site but they simply take advantage optimizing one or two pages. They should be honest and up front with you from the onset, not screwing you.

  14. After a cold call from them I am looking at a proposal for SEO from them right now. $700 + $100/m for at least 6 months for 5 pages of my 15 of so. They want to have a “verbal” agreement. And the $100 would be an automatic charge to my CC. I don’t think so. Sounds like it might be hard to stop the charges once they have the CC number. And no contract?

  15. I was a client of Mainstreet Host for 4 years. Last year, when they approached me to re-sign for another year at the same $3000 per year, I decided to do some checking. I read up on SEO and found that my website was actually not optimized well at all. There was no title or description on most of the pages, no H1 tags at all and the body was not optimized for my keywords.

    Also, they put several dozen outbound links on my site, but my site had inbound links primarily from my clients and organizations. Mainstreet had gotten me an inbound link from Dmoz (which was good) and a couple others, one of which was from and one from a no longer existent website – both marked, “links by mainstreet host”. That was all they had accomplished after 5 years with them, despite their yearly assurances that they would add one or two per month.

    Once I learned what SEO was really all about, I told Sam Vangelista that I was not going to continue. At that point, his hard sell tactics turned to semi-threats. He called, saying that my ranking was about to fall off a cliff and that the damage would be unrecoverable. Every time he called, he tried to make it sound as if the sky was going to fall the next day unless I signed up again.

    I did not sign up. Instead, I learned what I could about SEO, then optimized the website myself. During the months since I left Mainstreet, my traffic has grown exponentially. I rank well in the search for my target search phrases and the company call volume has greatly increased. Internet clients were never much of a factor while I was with Mainstreet. Now, clients who find us on the internet are a major portion of our business.

    I also found hidden links to the Mainstreet site on many of my pages. I had two website designers try to help me remove the links, but they both said the links were protected somehow and could not be removed. Mainstreet failed to respond to my requests for assistance in removing the links. The un-movable links to Mainstreet were a big part of my decision to re-design my website, which was just completed.

    In summary, I feel like a dupe for wasting my time with Mainstreet for so long.

  16. I have been with Main Street Host for a number of years. In the beginning, my site was right on top. After a shoert while, it was on page 2 then on pge 3 while the cost kept rising. I was recently phoned and pressured into getting their twitter and face book services. I realized I did not need and could not afford this service and phoned to have it cancelled. They had not as yet set it up so there was no service from them. They said they would credit back my credit card payment. It has been 3 months and they are still lying and jerking me around. I put in a dispute with my credit card company. They did a temporary refund. Then I got the letter stating the charge was put back on my card as Main Street Host claimed it a valid charge and said I was not getting a refund. I called Main Street Host again and was told that the money was refunded back into my credit company account.As per my creditcard company I requested a copy of a statement of refund but Main Street Host said they never heard of such a thing and would instead send a copy of the statemant from the credit card company that the money was refunded. but I have still not received it. They have lied to me and put me through a lot of grief and I still have a $2,500. credit card bill. I have no need for the services and have not received any of those services. I do all my own web design and updates. They are supposed to be sure the metatags are in place after my updates but have not kept up with even that small job and are charging me $1,000. a year for literallyalmost no service. I do not know where to turn for help. I am looking to find another hosting company when my contract runs out and have no idea where to turn.

  17. I cant believe I fell for thier 20$ service! DO NOT waste any money with this fraudulent company. It was the biggest waste of money I have ever spent. Note to self: read reviews BEFORE buying.

  18. I fell for the $20 spill. I knew didn’t sound right and I don’t know why I did it. Long story short they sent a reports showing not much of nothing. Then a call and pressure sell. You can tell they are hard pressed and Trevor had no customer service skill what so ever. He was very arrogant and truly a “know it all”. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy. If you have so many customer globally why are you pressin me so hard to use your service. Go service speaks for itself. I should have read all these comments first.

  19. I was diagnosed with cancer last year and had to close down my dog kennel business. When MSH called me to renew this year I chose to pay only $300 just to keep my site up for informational purposes. I found they took my money and also took down my site! I have no idea how to get them to release it so i can get someone else to host it. After all the thousands i have paid them you would think they would at least leave my site up like i paid for and was promised would be done. The computer i was using crashed, lost all my personal pics on my site, all the info puppy owners found so helpful. Its like losing the last 10 years and 17 pages of my hard work all just ripped out from under me. Thanks a lot, MSH.

  20. Justin at read my last post and contacted me immediately. MSH had been trying to get me but my contact abilities were down. Within a few days i had all the money back i had paid them and the offer to help me set up my page again. Justin was so kind and helpful and went above the call of duty sending me my pages on a CD for my memories. I would recommend MSH to anyone that wanted help with their webpage. A professional group of real people who care.

  21. the company i work for has been dealing with MSH for a while now. since the very start i have wanted to voice my opinion on how they are getting ripped off but its none of my business… because it’s not MY business. i feel bad because i am constantly listening to phone conversations and hearing about rude emails and such. these guys are straight assholes that really don’t know what they are doing. they prey on non-savvy customers, treat them nice at first and then walk all over them for the rest of the relationship.

  22. Simply don’t use MainStreetHost. To get your own opinion about this scam company, just check out their website. REALLY, this is supposed to be a company that designs websites and there is pure #$@*. So badly put together and unattractive. Not only this but they say that can do this and do that but basically tell you to stay with them cause their SEO takes time to get you up the ranks. This is true but they use this as a way to keep getting your money and never really seeing results in the end. Just have a look at what others have to say. These guys are pure evil. Hope you all don’t fall for their garbage. Take care and all the best with your business ventures.

  23. I just wanted to say that when I was cold called by I was skeptical as well because honestly it does sound too good to be true. I told the sales girl that I wasn’t going to make a decision that day because I wasn’t willing to give my credit card or bank info over the phone without researching them first. I finally got around to blogging them after about 20 calls from the sales girl in a two week period (persistent! lol) and the first thing I found were these blogs and alot of negative things about this “SEO” company that could ‘ help me rank better ‘ but then I went on Google and saw their ranking… I was impressed with that but still questioning the blogs. This sales woman finally called me back and talked me into it. This was 3 months ago and I have seen improvement to my website and a few more customers so I can’t say anything negative at this point. I am very happy with their services and besides the numerous phone calls from the ‘Promotion Office’ or whatever they called it, The customer service was fairly good. Nobody has been pushy to me yet. I would say maybe to give them a try if you’re in need of a higher ranking with keywords and such but as far as web design I have to agree that their site is very plain.

  24. This outfit is a TOTAL ripoff and needs a big skull and crossbones as their logo. One client was already with them when I started her site. She is a motivational speaker, comedienne, voiceover artist, and author. Main Street sent her an email last week telling her they had succeeded in getting links to her site on some sites that would help improve her ranking in the search engines. “your links are being added to other sites to get you more exposure on the internet which ultimately makes the search engines, like Google, “see” your site more often. Each time they go to one of these sites that has your link on it, they spider through the pages and will find your link. That link will force them back to your website. The more we can get them coming back to your website, the more “important” they will think you are. This will help them to recognize your site and get the work you have done with your optimizer noticed. It is not done to get you traffic from people visiting these websites. It is not there to tell the search engines where you are located or what it is that you do. All of that has to do with your keywords and phrases. It is done to make the search engines return to your site more; that is the plan. It is truly as simple as that.”
    The five sites that would help her improve her ranking so greatly because of the key word searches were: a breeder of teacup poodles in Canada, a home inspection company in Canada, a tree surgeon, and two disk jockey services in Ohio and Connecticut! And not a single one of those sites they sent displayed a link to her site. Three of them don’t even have a PLACE to display links!

    If you or your friends are contacted by Main Street, slam down the phone and run the other way.

  25. I got the call from Mainstreet. It was like $20 bucks to analyze and talk about my site. I have to say, it was well worth the money. The rep knew a lot and made some excellent suggestions. In fact, I had talked to several people about seo and they were the first that knew more than me. I signed up for an intro short-term package.
    My experience was this: It was hard/difficult to communicate with the person working on my site. Usually if i waited long enough they got back eventually. They did make some nice changes and optimized a couple of my pages as they said they would. However, something was supposed to have been done each month, and it really looked to me like they just did a few things in the beginning and that was it.

    It definitely helped my ranking without a doubt, on certain keywords, I come up at very top on the first google page. Tough thing is though, I was also working on the site and just figured it was the combination of our work that did it.

    They were a little hard to pin down on things like- what they were doing, and when they would do it. At the end of my introductory term, they sent me a proposal, (the first time I had seen anything in writing) It was a lot more expensive than the origional package I got and included a lot of things that had already been done. The sales was definitely high pressure and a real turn off.

    Honestly I dont think I would risk those amounts with a company that was so poor with the communications even if they did a great job. I just didnt like working with them, even though I got pretty good results.

  26. I mistakenly let Mainstreet host do a diagnostic on my website for $10.00 which they emailed to me. After reading reviews from people who warn against using them I decided not to do the phone interview. And I’ve probably received about 10 calls from them now. They call then don’t ever answer the phone when I pick up! Its basically prank calling because they’re mad I didn’t answer the first couple times.

  27. I apologize for the lengthy response, but I find it necessary in order to be fair.

    I have been a customer of MSH for a year. I called them when I was looking for someone to optimize my website. I spoke with Matt and he was very professional and knowledgeable, and he explained everything to me. His sales manner was a bit more aggressive than I prefer, but I gave him my business because he took the time to show me examples of his work and explained everything to me. He and his staff did everything he said he would do. It didn’t happen overnight, like we all hope it will, but it did work. I even bought a new website, which I was very happy with, and soon received excellent ratings and first page placement. I was able to email Brian, my optimization rep, whenever I had questions and he always returned my inquiries with my desired answers. They did talk me into buying a facebook and twitter package at a very large price, of which I was skeptical, but they promised it would make my business explode. It did not. I did very well last year, but not one customer ever told me that they found my business via facebook. I have no followers on twitter, There is no return on investment at all. Strike 1.

    I often sent new photos and link requests to Chris, the site builder, and he added them to my page efficiently. Then one day, my emails stopped being returned. I found out that the Chris had left the company (this would have been good to know) and apparently no one had been assigned his duties. I needed to make some changes to my site because I got new phone numbers and could not do the changes myself because they are graphics (which I recently found out is not a good thing because the search engines don’t pick up graphics). It was a complete hassle. The guy who made the changes just couldn’t seem to get it right and I had to keep emailing the supervisor in order to get the changes made correctly. They were made within a couple of hours after emailing the supervisor, but the rep himself did not respond to my inquiries. Strike 2.

    Matt apparently was promoted and Mike has taken over Matt’s old position. I received a call from Mike the other day telling me about how well my site is doing and that my subscription had expired and he needed a $4500 payment. He explained how I was going to get a $500 service for Google Local Maps for free and I was getting a “great deal”. I proceeded to tell him that I do GLM myself for free and I am not interested in continuing facebook and twitter anymore because they are useless to me. He tried to overcome my objection to facebook, as sales 101 teaches, to no avail, so he cut the price in half but added the $500 GLM back into the price.

    I explained that I was heading out of town for the week and I would get back to him the following week. He got upset and reiterated that a payment was due, they are hosting my site for free, and I needed to give him some money right now. I asked him why I was not contacted 30 days ago to give me a head’s up about my account expiring, so I could properly prepare my budget. He had no response to that. Strike 3.

    I do not do business this way and told him such and hung up. He proceeded to call everyday while I was away, even leaving a message saying that he found me a great “package” that will save me lots of money. I found another company to manage my account, he offered more insight and charges less money, and I have agreed to do business with him. When Mike called again the following week, he apologized for the last conversation, stating that we must have gotten off on the wrong foot, then proceeded to give me the $2500 price tag again. I explained to him that I promised my business to someone else and I am no longer interested in doing business with MSH. When he asked why, I explained that it was because of him. He has no people skills. If I treated my customers like he treated me, I would be out of business! I received a call from Matt within a half hour trying to save the deal, but it was too late. I am a man of my word and I had already committed my business elsewhere. I told him that I had no problem with him, but I resented trying to be strong-armed into doing business with them. He understood and offered to help in the future if I needed it.

    I then proceeded to attempt to change my domain to my new guy and have had a hell of a time getting it done. I was told to call John as he is the man who handles this area. Well, John doesn’t answer his phone or return messages. So I called Matt back and asked for his help (since he offered) and he returned the call, said he would contact John and have him get back to me the same day. John did exactly that and released my site domain as requested.

    It’s sad to see that so many people have had such a poor experience. But it’s even worse that a company with the potential to do the right thing doesn’t take the time to ensure that its’ clients are satisfied. I can see they are trying because their BBB rating has improved from a “D” to a “C-”, so perhaps they are working on turning things around. In their defense, it is your consumer responsibility to research the companies you choose to do business with. If you really think that you can get something great for $10 or $20, then you deserve what you get. There is no truer statement in the business world than, “You get what you pay for.” Yes, MSH is pricey, but for me, it was worth it to not have to worry about it. I paid them to take care of it, and they did. I got the business to prove it.

    I appreciate the help of all who have done the right thing. But the fact that they lost (and continue to lose) multi-thousand dollar customer(s) because they cannot place their people appropriately or take the time to provide basic customer service, is amazing to me.

    I have learned over the years that you cannot out-sell your problems. Hard closers like Matt and Mike are great for putting up numbers, but eventually someone has to service those clients. Fortunatley for some, they get promoted because they become million dollar sales people and now the service problem is someone else’s problem. But it inevitably hurts the company because the company is viewed as not able to service what they sell. Instead of taking care of clients and getting referral business, they have succeeded in pissing everyone off (as evidenced by all of the negative press and complaints) and they have become known as thugs and ripoff artists.

    I guess my only question to MSH is: Is this really the reputation you want to have, or doesn’t it matter as long as you make a million? (Can anyone say “Enron”?)

  28. Main street host are total CROOKS! Do NOT give them your credit/debit card number!!! After two long phone calls, the salesman finally convinced me to try their optimization service… but now I’m being charged again, I’ve been charged 3 times in the last week!!!!! When I called to get answers, he said he would call me back in 20 minutes, well it’s been two business days now and no call-back. I’m going to call my bank in the morning and report my card stolen and see if I can get the money back from their fraudulent charges!!!

  29. Similar situation here. I was cold called about building a site. I had been looking into this already, so the timing was right. I looked up sample sites of theirs. I was tld how the SEO would work and given the run down on that as well. Ironically, their LV office is walking distance from mine, so I went to their office to finalize things. Upon arriving, i thught I walked into a frat house. Foosball, dart board, fold out chairs and more. Nobody knew up front down or left from right, I was directed into a different office where I met Doug Stark, the rep that had been calling me. I felt OK with what theyre offering and agreed to move forward, a web site and SEO and mainteance for 2K. I paid $500 down and was told that in a few days, I would be contacted to go over details of building the site. A couple weeks go by and nothing. Try calling their office and guess what “Main Street Host” is the recorded message no matter what dept or ext you request. I leave a few messages or the curse of a couple weeks. Then, I receive an e-mail regaring the contract that needed to be signed. I respond to that and fax back, followed up by a phone call or two. Schivone(sp) is now callingme asking for said contract. I inform her that it was sent already. I laer get acall from Doug “checking in” on things. I let him know that I’m not happy, it’snot been 2 months with no progress, no work on my site. He explains that their fax was down and they never got their contract, he also said that my down payment was not processed. I check my bank and also confirm with Schivone that my first payment was processed. I wait again, still no progress after 2 weeks, now, I’m done with this place. I’m contacted again about the contract, I tell them, nevermind, give me my deposit back. She asks why and I tell her, in 4 months, no progress has been made, this is a sign of things to come so I’m out. She said s would get my deposit returned. I wait 2 weeks, nothing happens(image that). I call her back and she has amnesia of the entire exchange. I fill her in of the details and she explains that Doug needs to handle the refund and he will contact me. I will not hold my breath on this. Luckily, their office is close to mine, i will post an update if I have to venture down there.

  30. The latest sucker here!!! $10 lost, time wasted, and if it sounds to good to be true it is! I was told that I would get a one time consult for the money. I explained I am a very small tiny business (just me-first year-in the red)-no money for this type thing. I sell nothing over the net-just sell my goods in a small booth and small venues. I was told for $9.99, I could get expert help with my website. All I have done is pay for someone to try and sell me a service I don’t need or want-two days in a row!!! This guy is calling back tomorrow-I am not going to answer my phone!!! At first, I was too friendly (big mistake)-now I know this is a scam. Boy, I am not too smart sometimes!!!

  31. They pulled the same garbage on me. $1, 700 later I have received absolutely no benefit from their program. They send you monthly “updates” to your site which are nothing but links to their other customers, thus creating a large link network.

    Avoid like the plague.

  32. Just fell pray to this scam can’t believe I fell for it there so F’ed up that multiple sales person’s called me not knowing that I had already been hooked, scammed and stopped payment to them. nothing but lies and phoney analytics, however I now hang-up immediatly on ANY AND ALL SEO’s that call me the second they announce who they are.

  33. lisa lake

    Internet consulting is Run by Gangsters
    I was cold called by some scumbag male from this shitball company as Incredible Help stated… he said “I’m returning your call about SEO services”…this was LD from New York area so I was a little puzzled and said “I never called you”. When he insisted that I did call hime I told him he was an idiot. He laughed as if he was some harmless soul who only wanted to help me out. He went on about their services and how they are the greatest and that they can put my website on 6, 000 search engines withing three months! I didn’t even think there were that many SE’s – this was about 4 years ago but don’t even think there are that many today, are there? Anyhow, innocently, I told them that I wasn’t ready for SEO yet as my website had still to be finished. When I told him my budget was under 600.00 he immediately went on ab how his websites are the best, awesome, I wouldn’t be sorry, and he would skyrocket my status on the web in no time and create my site for only an extra 400.00!!! So the total would be about 1, 000.00 for website, support, SEO, website creation and maintainence etc for one year…I thought that this was ok since a good site was approx 5K back then. I warned him that I was very picky and that I’d be a pain if things didn’t pan out the way I was promised. Well, the webmaster called me finally after two weeks (I had to email them about 5 times first), and we started working out the site plan. I spend countless hours sizing and resizing pictures, figuring out the text, fonts, backgrounds etc…basically I did all the work and they simply put it in html. The site actually never launched. Why? Because it took them 4 months to complete two pages and poor ones at that. The graphics were horrendous, cut the wrong way, streched, discolored and too small. Layouts were horrible. I spend many many hours at one point in the whole frustrating process, actually designing the page myself on Word which turned out fantastic and eyecatching – the only thing it needed was htlm! The ahole didn’t even know how to do the html properly! Didn’t know how to crop and size the photos or centre text even! Agoninzing i tell u. So after about 6 months the 5 ugly webpages were finished. I told them over and over i didn’t like what they were doing, not what i asked for etc…to deaf ears. At one point, the gangster that originally called me out of the blue heavens, called me and sort of threatened me also. He said “what do you expect for $1, 000, miracles?? You should have gone with the higher package”. I had originally told him that I could not afford the fee at the time and that’s when he went into “I’ll give u a great discount and create a package to suit your budget”. He didn’t tell me tho that the package was worth nothing. I had “sucker” written all over me because at the time, I knew NOTHING about seo etc…but I learned real quick. So after di**ing me around for months and withdrawing the money from my card, they still had not even submitted my site to ANY of the search engines! I was investigating them long before the six months were up. I had tried also to get my payments stopped but, VISA doesn’t do that for their patrons, be warned! Before I launched them to the curb, and after for months, I investigated submissions, link popularity, the html on the site, just everything that you check for to see if a website is done correctly to be fully optimized. What do you know, the scumbags never submitted my site to ANY SE’S! At all. I did multiple searches with multiple keywords on multiple engines on a routine basis. NOTHING. I also did robot checks, spider checks, you name it. NOTHING. EVER. And on top of this, i found numerous errors in the site and in the meta tags, keywords; all of it was wrong and poorly designed. I’m sticking to the main details but I have a folder two inches thick with all the facts. I had asked for a refund but of course the gangster said “no way”. He did his part. Tough. Sol. So I decided that I would go to VISA and get the refund there. WRONG. Visa are a bunch of gangsters also. They don’t give a fig about their clients. Before all the money was paid, VISA said the whole amount had to be paid before I could file a claim to get it back! I should have “lost” my card and stopped services immediately. I did do this as soon as the amount was paid after a few payments. I got someone else to “steal the site” from under their nose and host it elsewhere. I waited on VISA for an answer after spending months putting together my report which was 16 pages long. I spoke to numerous reps at VISA only to get dicked around some more. In the end, they sent me a letter stating that I was not eligible for a refund as I had authorized the sale. DUH, VISA. I f***g know this. If that’s that was their policy, why didn’t they just say, “know what, you’re sol, take a nap, have a nice life” instead of telling me to write this report which took me a LONG TIME TO DO. Because I was so thorough in my investigation and had the facts and proof of poor service printed from the web onto paper, I thought surely, they would see the obvious. I even printed out the site I had requested and the site I got and that wasn’t enuff. I checked thousands of SE’s, large, small, all kinds and typed them onto a chart along with details of whether or not my site was listed. Well that goes to show you we are controlled by gangsters. I also want to say the is seriously run by hoods, or gangsters. I mean this honestly. I was also afraid for a time when I got crappy with them and they were a little threatening. I don’t recall exactly what the guy said but I remember thinking that if I pursued this and won, I would probably be hit. So even though I went to VISA, I also felt a little relieved that i lost although I shouldn’t have, because they had my address and knew where to find me. Since then, my credit card is new (different number), my addresss and phone number are also different from the info they had on me before. So the moral of the story is: if you can do something on your own, dont’ hire anyone else to do it. I have learned a lot since then; i do my own submissions and all that and have pretty decent luck. Mainstreet Host did absolutely nothing but cause me extreme anxiety and stress and robbed me 1, 000.00. Sorry about this looong post and probably some spelling errors as I’m going fast here. Had to get it out. Hope someone gets them one day and puts them out of business for good. Then again, we have forums like this one and there are blogs aren’t there? Yup.

  34. I was thinking of using MST’s services, but now I probably won’t. The main reason is that, as one person above said, I can do better myself. I will listen to their advice about metatags, etc., however, my several sites are doing very well already. I don’t even know if I could handle the extra business. Here’s why: it takes at least a year to develop an online business. I have five websites going now, and basically they feed off each other – I link from one to another and into others’ businesses as well. Also, I use Craig’s List, which gets you right up to the top of Google fast, with the right headlines/content. You simply have to keep doing it every day or at least a couple of times a week, with interesting headers, etc. Also, you can submit your sites to the engines yourself. After a few weeks/a couple of months (or sooner, if you are lucky) they will pick you up and after a while your many sites and comments throughout the Internet become viral and you are always somewhere at the top, on several pages of Google. Of course, we could all use help to do more and better, and that’s what these hosting companies feed off of – our need for help because we who own our own businesses are usually overworked to begin with. Still, after a while, all you have to do is “tweak” your site(s). Tip: Godaddy has fabulous free hosting; it’s easy and the templates are neat. If you have any design sense at all you can be very successful with Godaddy.

  35. boo freakn whoo, what about the employees that drill through 100′s of calls daily, to try and help alot of you companies that have no idea or interest in bettering your businesses? Our country is going through a recession and your bitching about 10$ for free info to help utilize your websites performance and possibly gain new customers. we have to deal with your crab secretaries, and arrogant ignorant business owners who are simply looking for a “bah bah” and a hand out, while every week were paid shit to handle rejection 40 hrs a week (by fuckheads who rarely even let you pitch) for a less than impressive paycheck. get off ur high horse and “suck a bag of dicks”. congrats on flushing this country down the toilet.

  36. While I have no way of verifying if that is an actual employee, I think it’s a great last comment. (I’m shutting comments down, I think there’s enough on this already!) Personally I don’t like supporting companies that provide low-paying torturous phone-bank jobs. I’d rather support a web host like Dreamhost or an independent consultant for SEO (or read a book), providing a good living to good people as a result of a good business model.

    And that’s the last word. At least on this web site.

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