First Impressions of SQL Server Manager

A couple of things jump out immediately:

  • They’ve recruited and listened to some UI experts
  • It’s not terribly different from Enterprise Manager

I honestly didn’t think I would like the new SQL Server Manager…mostly because I already like Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer. I was SO wrong, yippee! It’s flippin sweet. I especially love the new integrated script features – you can script just about anything you would do in the GUI. This is most excellent for learning and uber useful for making triggers and DTS pacakage and all sorts of things! Check it out…

new script features in SQL Server Management Studio

The merging of SQL Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer will save plenty of time going back and forth, it’s an obvious move… Another obvious enhangement to Windows apps in general, one that gives me hope in terms of M$‘s direction, is the easy copying of error messages, relevant error messages and a help feature integrated in the error dialogue itself that lets you select different portions with which to query online help. It’s like they don’t want to torture us anymore!!!
helpful error message in visual studio 2005

Don’t tell my linux friends please, but I’m getting really excited now about Longhorn coming out. It could be much easier to support.