How Americans Search

iCrossing and Harris Interactive’s study of US adult search patterns offers insight into how Americans use the web. The study returns the following key findings:

Seventy-seven percent (77%) of U.S. adults who are online have been using the Internet for more than five years. Furthermore, 93% of all online adults have at least three years of Internet experience.
Over half (53%) of all U.S. adults who are online use search engines most or every time they are online, trailing only e-mail (87%) and general surfing (55%). This compares to one-quarter (25%) who visit entertainment sites, 17% who engage in e-commerce, and 21% who use instant messaging (IM) or participate in chat groups most or every time they go online.

Though I’m easily seduced by well wrought information graphics, this report seems both impartial and thorough. I was suprised by the high percentage of users with three years of experience – it makes me feel a little better about the challenge of designing for maximum usability without compromising graphic quality and interest.

via Social Patterns