Monitors for the Color Blind reported yesterday that Samsun is planning to release monitors for the color blind:

Samsung announced … it is developing liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors that support color correction technology for people with dyschromatopsia or color blindness and will launch them in the first half of the year. People with dyschromatopsia have difficulty telling differences in color and need stronger stimuli than the normally sighted.

This is great news, not just for those with visual impairments, but for web developers, web site owners and in fact for anyone who develops a product to be viewed onscreen. With the advent of web standards and separation of display and content through proper use of CSS and XHTML great strides have already been made in making the web a more accessible place. The fact that search engine spiders are basically ‘blind’ users, is a major incentive as well. Unfortunately, considerations for those with less extreme visual impairments have been little implemented, though some tools do exist for developing web sites with that in mind, such as VisCheck.

Although at first this upcoming technology may only be available to those with a certain income level, it is still a major step in allowing more access to more content to more people and a comes as a great relief to designers who would like to design with a few fewer restrictions.

If you would like to know more about designing for accessibility, I highly recommend It should be required reading for anyone given publishing rights on any web server!